Network Action Set to Resolve Wigtown GP Practice Technical Issues

ACTION by a network provider is poised to address technical issues which continue to affect a GP practice in Wigtown.

Since the end of last year, those issues have prevented staff at the Galloway Hills Medical Group practice in Wigtown from accessing a computer network – despite extensive efforts to achieve a solution.

A spokesman for NHS Dumfries and Galloway said: “Our IT Team has been working closely with the practice to provide support, implementing a number of coping strategies such as using only a limited number of computers at the Wigtown surgery.
“These have been short-term measures aimed at limiting the effects of not being able to connect into this network. However, work is now underway which we hope will achieve a permanent solution.”

Two new higher bandwidth circuits have now been commissioned – one using traditional copper and the other using fibre optic cables.

The copper circuit is on course to be delivered quickly, and the telecoms provider is undertaking a site survey to see what bandwidth can be delivered as quickly as possible. Introduction of the fibre service is dependent on the telecoms provider, and may take more time.

The spokesman said: “Once these services are available we are confident that services will be greatly improved on a permanent basis.”

As a temporary measure, patients needing to see a GP had been asked to attend appointments at alternate Galloway Hills Medical Group surgery in Newton Stewart.

GP appointments have since resumed at the Wigtown surgery, but patients requiring some other services will still be required to attend the sister surgery until the technical issues are resolved.

A spokesman for the practice said: “With sincere apologies to our patients, this issue has persisted – and a quick solution has not been possible.
“Ultimately, it has been a matter of public safety as we simply can’t provide the level of care necessary without reliable access to this network.
“However, we now feel more assured that a resolution is within reach, and that before too long we will see services become more normalised.”

Gratitude is being expressed for the patience and understanding of patients at the practice.

Further updates will be delivered as work progresses.

Anyone with an enquiry is asked to contact Practice Manager Aileen Thomson on 01671 402066.

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