Police Investigate Willful Fire Raising in Sanquhar

Police officers in Sanquhar are investigating a deliberate fire at a house in Crichton Road in the town.

Emergency services were contacted around 7am on Sunday 30th April and attended the scene. The householder was not at home at the time and it’s believed the fire may have been smouldering for a number of hours. A joint Police and Fire investigation has been carried out and the fire has now been confirmed as deliberate. The property was extensively smoke damaged as a result of the fire.

Constable Ryan Dougan based at Sanquhar Police Station said, “While the house was empty at the time, this was still a reckless and very stupid act of fire-raising. The consequence could have been tragic had the fire taken hold.
“If you saw anything unusual or saw anyone in the area in the hours before the fire was discovered, or have any information about the circumstances of the fire, then please contact police on 101 quoting incident number PDG0097650417”.

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