‘Your Service … Your Voice’: Dumfries Residents Have Their Say

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service has launched a consultation seeking to gather public opinions on the safe and planned transformation of SFRS to meet modern risks.The UK’s largest fire and rescue service wants to find out everyone’s views as it proposes to bring in sweeping changes designed to support firefighters to do more to protect Scotland’s communities.

The ‘Your Service … Your Voice’ consultation opened on February 13 and runs until May 14.

We recently sought the views from the public in Dumfries.


Bill Blackie, 75, is a retired merchant navy officer. He said: “I’d like my voice to be heard, absolutely.
“Apart from my fire safety training back in my merchant navy days, I’ve never really in all my days had to encounter any fire service on my travels – but I know what a great job they do.
“I do agree it’s important that the public have their say on such a big change.
“I’ll fill out the consultation on my tablet when I’m at home.”

Carrie Anne, 22, is a carer from Dumfries who lives next to the town’s fire station with four-year-old daughter, Ayler.

She said: “I’ve heard stories about firefighters going into schools and speaking with children about safety, and what the fire service does, and I think that’s just amazing.
“We walk past the station every single day and Ayler is absolutely fascinated by the firefighters and fire engines.
“I think people should have their say because it’s our future, it’s our children’s futures, and the fire service is so important to people.
“We actually witnessed it first-hand a couple of months ago when we had to phone 999 after our oven went on fire. It was really scary,
“Now, every day, Ayler reminds of that time, and we’ve joked that we might even have our own little firefighter of the future right here.”

Douglas and Pamela Walker are retired council workers from Clarencefield.

Douglas said: “I’d like to be more informed about what’s going to change, yes, it’s something I think we should all be aware of.”
Pamela added: “Firefighters do such a wonderful job and I have great respect for these men and women.
“I would add my voice, yes.”

To view and take part in the consultation visit: www.firescotland.gov.uk/transformation/public-consultation.aspx

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