Your Vote Can Help Create A Legacy In Memory Of Portpatrick’s 4 Year Old ‘Euan’

Euan’s Playspace, Portpatrick, Scotland.

 The Portpatrick family of a wonderful 4 year old who passed away earlier this year are trying to win  £25k to replace the park in Portpatrick in memory of him.

1 a 1 a euanEuan Harbottle a 4 year old from the village who suddenly passed away in January was a bright, lively, fit young four and a half year old,and died due to a complication with a normal childhood illness. For his parents and siblings, the whole village, and further afield this had been a tragic loss. Due to his outdoor nature, Euan was well known and loved by both residents and visitors to the village, giving pleasure to many as they watched him deal with nature and the elements..

Many folk knew him from a favourite place, the play park set against the cliffs by the sea shore. Although he spent plenty of time on the playground equipment he often broke off from playing just to look at the waves. He loved wild weather and for him, like all children, playing was being. Playing was the way he was starting to understand the world. He loved nature and through this love he had learned so much instinctively.

This favourite place is now very run down, we have the idea that it would be a fitting tribute to establish a wonderful new natural playspace on the same site in his memory. As well as helping the village in its grief, it would a place for his brother & younger sister to remember him and the focal point for children and young families to come and gather around playful activity.  This is very important these days for our children who have less and less natural places in which to play.  To be in contact with the elements, to stimulate their senses in an increasingly sterile world – that’s what Euan was about, that’s what Euan’s Playspace will offer for others.

Just now we are sitting in 1st place leading by 113 votes but this morning ( Sunday the 21’st Fathers day) that was a very different story when we got bumped off 1st place into 3rd so we are not safe & need the votes to start pouring in. Voting closes on Monday the 29th of June at 12 noon!! You can vote on this link https://foundation.onefamily.com/projects/euans-play-space/ and Follow how things are going on the Euans Playspace Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Euans-playspace/404044106466671?fref=ts

More info can be found here http://www.gofundme.com/vzu7fkk


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