Firecrest Films On The Search For Scottish People For New BBC Financial Programme

Firecrest Films in Glasgow are currently on the lookout for contributors for a brand new programme.

A spokesperson for Firecrest told DGWGO entertainment News “We’re looking for families and couples who are based in Scotland to take part in a financial experiment for the BBC. The new and exciting programme is designed to highlight how a family’s spending is impacting on their lives, and to offer them solutions to change their spending habits (and therefore better their financial situations for the future).

We would like to find families who feel like they would benefit from some expert financial guidance, possibly because they struggle to control their spending, have mismatched approaches to finances, have a hidden shopping habit or just don’t know where the money goes each month. The process will be a fun and exciting journey to be a part of and we’d like to spread the word as widely across Scotland as possible.”

Full details of how to get involved are on the attached poster.

Office: Fairfield, 1048 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 4XS
Registered Office: Fairfield, 1048 Govan Road, Glasgow, G51 4XS
Registered in Scotland: SC345633 VAT 939238196 www.firecrestfilms.com

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