Augmented reality app game ‘Castle Quest’ launched at Caerlaverock!

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) have bridged the gap between the past and the future by using the latest 21st century interactive technology, to tell the story of one of Scotland’s most fascinating castles in Dumfries and Galloway, and to further enhance the visitor experience.

Castle Quest is a fun and educational game that allows visitors to bring to life the characters of Caerlaverock Castle and discover what their lives were like there in 1312.
As users explore the castle and its grounds, they are transported back 700 years to undertake their quest. They will hear tales from the staff as they prepare for the return of Sir Eustace Maxwell (Lord of Caerlaverock), back to the castle after the siege of 1300.
Throughout the game, users will hear stories from 11 members of the castle household; from the resident cook to a priest from neighbouring Sweetheart Abbey. The castle’s staff are also having the opportunity to be part of the story, with the Monument Manager, Valerie Bennett, voicing one of the characters in the game as well as being the basis for the animated character.

Valerie Bennett who said “It was a lot of fun lending my voice for the character and I’m excited to see how visitors explore the castle using the app.
“It’s been quite the experience following in the footsteps of lots of high profile names who have done voice animations – sign me up for the next Hollywood blockbuster – and a real privilege to be part of the continuing story of the site.”

Users will collect a piece of flag from each character they meet and piece together their flag to complete their challenge.

Gavin Glencorse, Interpretation Officer at HES said “After a trial we are delighted to now be launching the Castle Quest App and the feedback we have received so far from users has been extremely positive. We are excited to bring something different to the visitor experience which adds a lot of fun and helps our visitors engage with heritage in a new creative way”.

The game is available now. To plan your adventure at Caerlaverock and pre-download the app for free HERE

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