Hannah Daly is a 19 year old and live in the village of New Galloway, originally Hannah came from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Whilst studying at school, She developed a passion for broadcasting and wished to carry this on at university. During her last year of school at Castle Douglas High School she was lucky enough to get a week’s work experience at the BBC in Glasgow, and she has now launched her very own monthly podcast that she records at The Catstrand Theatre in her village with training from a local BBC Radio presenter.

Hannah told DGWGO Entertainment News ” In early 2016, I noticed that the CatStrand was running a traineeship in event management and sound and lighting. So I went down and spoke to Dave Miller, one of the Youth Arts Development Officer’s, who was running it. Dave has 10 years’ experience in Sound Engineering so it only seemed fitting that he would run this traineeship. After speaking to Dave, he decided to alter the traineeship after seeing my enthusiasm for broadcasting. During our first meeting, Dave and I agreed that I should create my own radio podcast. At the end of the initial meeting, he gave me a few tasks to do for the next meeting whilst he enlisted the help of a radio producer to mentor me through the 10 week programme. He enlisted none other than Bruce McKenzie who currently works as a radio producer for BBC Radio Scotland and started out his career at South West Sound. When deciding upon what this first podcast should be about, it only seemed fitting that it should be about the CatStrand.”


Hannah went on to say “I started volunteering at the CatStrand about 4 years ago and couldn’t think of a better place to spend my weekends, though now I am in there on a weekly basis. I have racked up over 250 hours through doing the Saltire Award. On one spring day I went down to interview the general manager, Brian Edgar, and asked him about how the Catstrand came about; the recent flooding which left them out of the building for nine months; and about the volunteers. A few weeks later, the interview was edited, music was added and the links recorded. The first episode of “The Hannah Daly Show” was uploaded onto Mixcloud. (Listen to the show by clicking HERE) I am currently in the process of doing an animated version of the podcast that will be going onto YouTube, so if anyone has any photos of the flooding across Dumfries and Galloway please get in touch via my Facebook page.


Hannah finished off by saying “I am hoping that this podcast goes on for as long as I am able to do it and plan on uploading a new episode every month. I’m not quite sure what my future holds for me but I will definitely be applying for apprenticeships at many of the large and independent film, television and radio companies. If anyone out there has a story that they would like me to share then please get in touch with me on my Facebook page HERE. I would like to say thank you to Bruce, Dave and Brian for helping me with this.”

You can also follow Hannah on her YouTube channel by clicking here https://www.youtube.com/user/dalyh456

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