DGWGO.com is launching its brand new Entertainment news section of the website, RB founder of DGWGO said ” We are very excited about this new feature , as we are involving several wee known face’s from around the region , who will be writing monthly features and reviews for us”

He went on to say ” The Full launch will  be happening in May when we launch a brand new Monthly DGWGO competition to win FREE cinema tickets in partnership with the RBC Film Theatre in Dumfries, Plus we will have monthly Cinema movie reviews and listings too , which is something we are hoping to develop with other local cinemas as well.”

” We also have lots of other developments in the pipe line for our new feature but the first Monthly Entertainments reviewer we are launching is ‘The Who Review’   which will be written by the very Straight talking ‘Ali Donowho’ Of Alive 107.3fm ” 

The Who Review

A new monthly review for DGWGO on entertainment!

Ali Donowho from Alive radio and DMeventum will take you through his thoughts and opinions on anything from film to music, festivals to art exhibits.

Ali Donowho , Presenting at the Stranraer Parkfest


Ali Said “Ok so to explain I write in a relaxed fashion, generally it sounds like the way I talk, my goal throughout these monthly reads is that I will endeavor to entertain and inform you on all things, be it on canvass, big screen, small screen, in a field for a festival, pretty much anything. Now in all honesty I can be pretty opinionated about things so you may not always agree with the things I say which is fine and all thoughts will be taken on board, I probably won’t change my opinion (sorry) but that’s the thing about them we all have them only in this case I have been asked to air mine and yes I can be bit cheeky as well (hopefully in the good way).”


If you have anything you think would benefit from being reviewed then contact them team here at DGWGO and we’ll see what can do for it. Contact us on  [email protected] and state ‘The Who Review’

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