BBC Purchase Rug From Dumfries Shop for New Series of Dr Who


Dumfries based shop, Second Nature, enjoyed its proudest moment  when one of their Fair Trade Kilim rugs featured in the new 2017 series of Dr Who over the Easter weekend.

Karen Riddick from the shop told DGWGO entertainment news “The rug was purchased from us by the BBC last Summer (2016) while Series 10 was being filmed.  We assumed it would just be a background prop but this hand loomed Kilim turned out to have a far more important role.  It was gifted to Dr Who ( Played by Scottish actor Peter Capaldi) by his new assistant Bill who gave it to him as a Christmas present.”
 “Viewers see Bill walking towards Dr Who’s study in the University where he lectures.  She is carrying the rug wrapped in white Christmas paper and we then see the Doctor opening it and exclaiming that “it’s a rug!”  He is embarrassed because he doesn’t have a gift for Bill but she brushes it off by telling him “it was cheap!” (It wasn’t actually but hey, you can’t split hairs!).”


Karen went on to say “The real purpose of the rug as part of the story, comes shortly afterwards.  Bill has already been questioning the presence of the TARDIS in the Doctor’s study.  He explains that it is a permanent feature and that he had to take the side off the building to get it into the room.   But when Bill returns to the study the following day she notices that the TARDIS is now on top of the rug. This can only mean that the TARDIS has been moved in the meantime so Bill knows that all is not as it seems….. I won’t say any more about the storyline in case you haven’t watched it – and, to be honest, we were so excited that we kinda missed the plot anyway!” 


Karen Continued “And it’s a good job that the excitement is enough for us.  This priceless advertising could have been our moment to enjoy a boom in business but, sadly, the BBC selected a rug that has since been discontinued.  Ach well!

Images Courtesy of Karen Riddick – Copyright BBC

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