The Summer Wandering – Festival of Museums 2016 at Dumfries Museum

Dumfries Museum has been successful in getting Festival of Museums funding for special events this spring and an advance party of ruthless Vikings have been seen checking out the town and looking for trading options.

This year Dumfries Museum is working with partners at The Stove in the High Street as well as other shop keepers and museum venues to extend their event out into the community. The main event will be a day long trading game followed by “Ragnarock – the final battle” – on Saturday 14 May. Beyond the Beep will also be back with their popular metal detecting event in the museum grounds in conjunction with Go Minelabbing day.

The Vikings have issued an invitation to anyone interested to come to Dumfries Museum this Saturday, 16 April, 10am – 12noon or 2 – 4pm to find out more. There will be opportunities to find out about The Summer Wandering trading game and how people can get involved in May. For those wanting to take part they can learn how to trade like a Viking, make a gaming longship card and a team banner.

Cathbad, steersman of Galloway Longfhada, Viking re-enactment group said “Our advance party discovered plenty of havens for profitable trading and relish the opportunity to prepare for Ragnarock in Dumfries”

Councillor Tom McAughtrie, Chair of Customer and Community Services, said: “It is great to see funding coming into the town to provide events for local people, giving us opportunities to find out about hidden aspects of our shared past. The museum has worked with the local Viking re-enactment group for the past 2 years and this year’s events promise to be even more exciting.”
More information about Festival of Museums is available at http://www.festivalofmuseums.co.uk/

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