Goodbye Postie! and Farewell to All Your Troubles!

A new play written by Castle Douglas born Alexander Artis,  set in Dumfries will be coming to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. ‘Goodbye Postie’ follows the story of two lads, Postie and Sparkie, chipping away at their respective jobs. Postie, tired of seeing the same things every day, decides he wants to leave, putting his friendship in jeopardy. Together they explore why some stay and some leave.


This play is written and directed by Alexander Artis, originally from Castle Douglas but since moving to the central belt five years ago. Alex told DGWGO Entertainment News – “I always felt as though Dumfries and Galloway was underrepresented in Scotland, especially in the arts. “Is that the Borders?” “No, but it has a bit of the border you’re thinking of.”
I have just finished up at Queen Margaret University studying Acting and Performance and set up a theatre company called ‘Deliverance Theatre’, a company focussed on telling working class stories. One of my modules was Playwrighting, which I thought would be a good challenge for me. So, they say write what you know, and that seemed to have worked out well. I took inspiration from Castle Douglas and Dumfries and their people. Every mentioned character (they all have nicknames) and every joke made has some form of connection/backstory to D&G, and it was great to have a well of material to use.
This story is very personal and full of heart, with a healthy dose of political statements and cultural observations. Following a recent successful performance at the Assembly Roxy in Edinburgh last month, all things are a go for the Edinburgh Fringe.”


Alex continued “Thanks to the PBH Free Fringe, ‘Goodbye Postie’ is free to attend, and features fellow QMU Acting graduates Ben Robert Cunningham as Postie and Brady J. MacGregor as Sparkie. We will be performing from the 20th to the 27th of August at midday at Burrito’N’Shake on South Bridge in Edinburgh. There will be laughs, tears and maybe a couple of gasps.”

This play is recommended for ages 16+ and features strong language. For updates on our progress, follow @deliverance_theatre on Instagram.