“When Judas Met John: Songs of Dylan and Lennon” – Theatre Royal (Studio) Dumfries

A show exploring the tenuous relationship between Bob Dylan and John Lennon, through the songs of both artists.

Why did Dylan keep it to himself that he really dug The Beatles? And why was Lennon at first, in awe of Dylan only to deride him shortly afterwards? This Irish duo’s choice and presentation of songs tells a story around the influence, envy, parody and respect that each artist had for the other. It’s a unique in-person performance of a thought-provoking concept.

If you thought you knew everything about Dylan and Lennon, think again. This story captures little known truths about their relationship. It is charismatic in its offering of subtle ‘sibling’ harmonies supported by acoustic blues and folk guitar and harmonica, adding musical personality and character by way of interpretation of the works of both these legendary artists.

Featuring Tom Adams on guitar/vocals, and twin brother Hugh on bass/harmonica/vocals, the brothers’ uncomplicated delivery is charming and effortless, yet the duo retains the energy of the original cuts throughout.

A relaxed acoustic version of Lennon’s “I am the Walrus” provides an intuitive contrast to the heavily edited orchestral original version, and the duo ensures the likes of Dylan’s unique harmonica style is not lost in “Like a Rolling Stone”.

The performance suggests these boys enjoy their music, and if you savour Dylan and Lennon and appreciate a casual acoustic blues/folk style, you should relish the opportunity to see and hear this duo’s interpretations.


Listing Information:

Venue:                                   Theatre Royal Dumfries (Studio)

Dates:                                     Fri 21st July 2023

Time:                                      19:30 (90 mins)

Ticket prices:                        Full £12:00 / Concessions £10.00

Box office:                             01387 254209 www.theatreroyaldumfries.co.uk

Suitable for age 8+