Roaring To Go At The Loreburn Hall – Your Space, Our Community

It’s a milestone moment for the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries as two well-known businessmen, Sandy Sweetman and Simon Robertson, prepare to host the first event in the venue over the Easter weekend.

Having recently taken over the management of this much-loved community venue in the centre of Dumfries, the duo are set to reignite the energy and community spirit that people associate with the Loreburn Hall.

It’s very much about the local community taking ownership of their space at the Loreburn Hall, and in turn, to bring new business into the town centre.

Simon Robertson, Director said:

“It is a great honour to be the new custodians of the Loreburn Hall. We now plan to facilitate a phased development and to create a sustainable future for the venue, by supporting those who want to use it.  In this early phase, we are keen for local community groups and businesses to see this as an opportunity to bring this important historical building back to life. It really is what the locals make of it now! Everyone we speak to has fond memories of the venue and of past events here, so we want to build on those positive associations and to make sure that the Loreburn Hall becomes a thriving town centre venue for the whole community to enjoy again.”

Sandy Sweetman, Director added:

“We now have a duty to preserve this building and to invest in its future. We truly believe that the best way to achieve this is to take a community-led approach to its development and to make it affordable, flexible and accessible. It is a fantastic space and we aim to support the promoters and our event partners as much as we can with their events to ensure that the Loreburn Hall will, once again, become a space where good times happen. There is already so much excitement about the potential of the building as a flexible event space, so we look forward to welcoming you, our community, to your space here at the Loreburn Hall.”

There is no shortage of enthusiasm for this brave new venture, with initial interest and venue bookings off to a promising start.

Events will kick off on 31st March, when Funktion present the Easter Sunday Sessions at Loreburn Hall from 2pm – 11pm.

To find out more, book the hall or hire a meeting room visit www.loreburnhall.co.uk or email: [email protected]