Potential For Love In The Countryside Is ‘Boundless’

The Producers behind an array of successful programmes such as ‘ Grand Designs’ and ‘ The Apprentice’ are making a brand new TV programme, which is aiming to find love for single people who live and work in the countryside and are looking for love. They contacted DGWGO entertainment news this week to ask to let the single people of Dumfries and Galloway know.

Martin McManus from Boundless productions told DGWGO “We are currently searching for people who live and work in the countryside and are single & looking for love. It might be that they are struggling to find a partner due to living in an isolated area or they have an all-consuming work life.

This brand new series will paint a picture of modern Britain and will bring people together from different walks of life, giving singletons who live in the countryside the chance to meet a wider range of eligible partners than they would in their local area.”

BOUNDLESS – the makers of Grand Designs, Escape to the Country and Great British Railway journeys – are making a warm, genuine series about people who are seriously looking to change their lives and find love and we are looking for a broad range of singletons of all ages, backgrounds and gender.

If You are interested in taking part in the programme you can contact Martin by email – [email protected]

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