New Goggle Box Couple Are First Scots To Appear in Six Years

A Glasgow couple will be the first scots to appear on the popular Channel 4 programme Goggle Box for 6 years. 

Joe is 25 and Roisin is 23. They are a couple who have been together for four years and live at Joe’s family home in Glasgow, having moved in together at the beginning of lockdown.

Roisin loves shopping, getting dressed up and socialising with friends. Joe loves playing video games, pizza making and spending time with Roisin.

Roisin and Joe will be seen for the first time on tonight’s Gogglebox at 9pm on Channel 4 where Britain’s sharpest armchair critics have been watching Love Is Blind, Starstruck, Cheaters, Celebrity Help! My House is Haunted, Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad, Teen First Dates, Sunday Morning and BBC News.

Gogglebox is a Studio Lambert production. The Executive Producers are Mike Cotton, Leon Campbell, Victoria Ray and Sophie Lloyd