80’s Pop Star Rick Astley Recreates 11 Year Old Calvin Harris ‘In Dumfries’ Video

55 Year Old 80’s pop sensation Rick Astley recently visited Dumfries and whilst he was here he re-created a video that was originally filmed by local mega star DJ Calvin Harris back in 2008.

In The original video by Calvin Harris who’s real name is Adam Richard Wiles sets out on a quest around his then home town of Dumfries to show his viewers how to turn a chicken into a pair of spectacles. You can see the original video by clicking HERE

Rick Astley Said “I always loved Calvin Harris’s ‘Calvin in Dumfries’ video so I decided to make my own!”
You can see the ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ Stars version of the video by clicking HERE

WARNING! Both Videos contain foul language that may offend.