See The Time Machine Re-Imagined at the Catstrand This November

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Award-winning duo Jordan and Skinner debut their latest work, THE TIME MACHINE – a feminist re-telling of H.G. Wells’ sci-fi classic.

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Catstrand, New Galloway – Wednesday 9th November 2022 at 7:30PM

Humanity has fallen and the end is nigh. Welcome to The Bunker, bitch.

A group of feminists sit in a hidden shelter preparing for the worst. When a member of the group brings something unexpected below ground, they begin to question what they really think the future of humankind will be.

Meanwhile, a Time Traveller arrives in the year 802,701 and is discovering for themselves H.G Wells’ vision of what has happened to human beings.

Dissecting just how bad things really are, where humans might be going and what we can (or can’t) do to save it all, the two narratives interweave as the group are asked to confront their feelings of hope and doom, echoing those in seen in Wells’ narrative of time travel, human evolution, and catastrophe.

Deeply comedic, poignant and relatable, Jordan and Skinner’s THE TIME MACHINE tells the story of what it means to face the worst-case-scenario through a female and non-binary lens. Directed by Caitlin Skinner and starring Amy Conachan, Melanie Jordan, Gabrielle Monica Hughes and Itxaso Moreno, it asks us how we imagine our futures, whether ours are different from those of the past – and if there is a feminist future, what does it look like?

Jordan and Skinner said: “We were struck by the idea that theatre is time travel in that it is always happening today, its meaning and understanding being completely unique to the people watching it at that exact moment in time. Yet theatre is always drawing from ideas and stories of the past and if it’s good, looking to imagine possible futures too. And so we picked up the OG time travel story and found it confusing, inspiring and frustrating with haunting images of what might happen if the inequality Wells saw at the dawn of industrial capitalism continued. We wanted to relook at this story from our own perspective trying to imagine a future for humans in late stage, extreme capitalism and we found our feelings have been on a real rollercoaster about it since we first tried to produce this show in 2020. We have brought together an extraordinary team of people who will bring their ideas, creativity and humour to create a retelling like no other and we can’t wait to time travel with them all.”

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