‘The Listening Project’ A Collaboration Between BBC Radio 4 and The British Library Comes to D&G

Coming to a toon near you! D&G folks, fancy taking part in a lovely wee radio piece for Radio 4 and Radio Scotland, just you and your pal/ partner/ sister/ brother, anyone really, just you both shooting the breeze and we record it! Think of those conversations you’ve overheard in the pub or on a train (i have heard many as you know) that you wished you could hear the end of. Well now you can create your own wee moments for people to hear and look where you get to do it, in a cute wee caravan!

The Listening Project is a collaboration between BBC Radio 4 and The British Library. We record conversations between two people about something important to them both. This could be anything – a hobby, a shared memory or event, love, friendship, life’s big turning points… people talk about anything and everything! The whole conversation is archived in the British Library’s and a wee 3-minute version airs on Radio 4 and/or Radio Scotland. Here’s the website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01cqx3b

The details are:

Dumfries and Galloway

Friday 22nd July
Castle Douglas
Top Park

Saturday 23rd July
Castle Douglas
Top Park

Sunday 24th July
Soaperie Gardens

Monday 1st August
Agnew Park

And here are some examples of what people from around Scotland have spoken about:

Mother and daughter Kath and Kate talk about their different approaches to motherhood:

Rab and Margaret talk about Rab becoming a whistleblower:

Rosie and Mary talk about the mysterious chocolate thief:

Just turn up! or contact [email protected]k

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