Unearth Dumfries’ Dark Past This Halloween!

It’s official! A brand new dark storytelling tour is set to launch in Dumfries on Friday 30th October, just in time for the season’s spookiest date – Halloween. After almost a year of research and development, Ghosts and Graverobbers, the latest eerie offering from Dumfries-based paranormal team and tour creators Mostly Ghostly Investigations, will bring a new dark dimension to Dumfries’ Town Centre.

Kathleen Cronie
Kathleen Cronie

The launch of their tour coincides with the eve of Mostly Ghostly’s seventh anniversary and the fifth anniversary of their Dumfries Ghost Walk venture which has helped to boost evening tourism in the town.
So why Ghosts and Graverobbers? The name is very important; this new street and graveyard-based walking tour will cover a range of darkly dramatic subjects. Ghosts, in the sense of spirits who return to haunt a particular place and also the type that is a trace, an echo of the past, something chilling and repellent that the town may prefer to forget… Graverobbers certainly fall into the latter category! Team Founder Kathleen Cronie told DGWGO Entertainment news: “The days of the Resurrection Men are a fascinating period in history and our new tour aims to bring to life some of the stories linked to those unsavoury characters that terrorised Dumfries.”
Giving an insight into the tour, Kathleen went on to say: “After a brilliant five years celebrating Dumfries’ rich history and ghost stories with local folk and visitors alike, we’ve delved deeper into the town’s extensive past to unearth a collection of different accounts. Some relate to the cruel side of human nature, others have a hint of humour, we hope that all will stimulate thought, discussion and maybe just a fraction of fear…”
After making its official public debut on Friday 30th October, Ghosts and Graverobbers will run at regular intervals throughout the year. Guests will discover eerie, unsettling accounts as they wander in trepidation through the town’s shadowy, dimly lit streets. Amongst the wide-ranging stories, the team will divulge the drama of a famous court trial; reveal dark insights into the infamous Killing Times and uncover the story behind a grisly execution on what is now hallowed ground.

Two of Dumfries’ historic graveyards will feature as main characters, each with its own unique, Gothic atmosphere. Team member John Hill said: “This is something we’re really excited about as visiting churchyards is another great passion of ours. We love researching social history, stunning sculptures and personal stories that keep the memories of the dearly departed very much alive.”
Of course, the graveyards are included for another key reason. John added: “Places like these witnessed the devilish deeds of the bodysnatchers, when the dead were ruthlessly raised from their graves to supply the dissecting tables of Edinburgh.”
Summing up, Kathleen said: “We’re thrilled about the launch and can’t wait to welcome our guests; we aim to captivate them with our well-researched accounts set in authentic, atmospheric surroundings and hope they will feel inspired to return and explore Dumfries.”
Lovers of legends, local history and dastardly doings – this is one tour you don’t want to miss! Read the Full DGWGO review of this amazing walk HERE
Find out more info  Info – [email protected] – www.mostlyghostly.org – https://twitter.com/MostlyGhostly and https://www.facebook.com/mostlyghostlyinvestigations
• Ghosts and Graverobbers Tour launches on Friday 30th October at 7pm with a follow up two weeks later on Friday 13th November
• Tickets available from Midsteeple Box Office, Dumfries – £8/£6/£22 (family ticket)

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