Are you a person who takes things to extremes? Or worried what your lifestyle is doing to your health – now or in the future? Are you happy to be on TV?

We are looking for volunteers to take part in a factual entertainment TV programme on BBC Scotland which looks at how our lifestyle is really affecting our health – right now and in the future.

Are you a couch potato or a gym bunny? Do you down detox drinks, energy drinks or do you prefer shots at the bar? Are you addicted to sugar or clean eating? Do you find it hard to cut down on fatty foods or cigarettes?

If so, you could be on a new factual entertainment programme on BBC Scotland which explores how our lifestyle REALLY affects how healthy we are on the inside and out.


Do you hit the gym 3 hours a day and ONLY drink protein shakes?

Do you wonder if your clean eating, juicing or vegan lifestyle is ACTUALLY good for your health?

Is a 20-a-day energy drink habit or a sugar addiction ruling your life?

Are you a crazy partier, someone who sinks rounds of shots every night?

Are you a heavy smoker or do you over-eat?

Are you curious about how your habits affect your insides, and later in life your outsides too?


If any of this sounds like you we want to hear from you.
If you’re chosen for the show not only will you have the chance to undergo a full health MOT, our team will suggest ways that you can work on any problems they find. And you’ll be part of an exciting new TV show.


For more information email  [email protected] or call on 0141 343 7772.