Cast a Spell with Ross MacKenzie

Moat Brae in Dumfries, The Birth place of Peter Pan will host its first ever book launch since opening as the National Centre for Children’s Literature, introducing ‘Evernight’ the first in a spellbinding new series by Blue Peter Award and Scottish Book Award winning author Ross MacKenzie. The event takes place on Thursday 6th February to an audience of around 200 school children from Dumfries.

The children will also be the first to test out new spell making activities inspired by ‘Evernight’ which will be offered to visitors at Moat Brae from 15th-23rd February. The school holiday activities will be open to every visitor at Moat Brae, free with their entry ticket.

‘Evernight’ is a fantasy story full of adventure and wild magic. At these workshops, the children will get the chance to meet characters from the story, get a license to practice magic and even craft a spell of their own. Any other witches and wizards who would like to try their hand at crafting spells can do so from the 15th-23rd of February.

The book is aimed at children 9+ but children of any age can take part in the spell making activities.

The book launch event will run three sessions: One in the morning (9:30-11:30), one in the early afternoon (12:30-2:30) and one in the mid-afternoon (2:30-3:30). The schools attending will be St Andrew’s Primary, St.Columba’s Primary, Loreburn Primary and Dumfries Academy. The new Evernight series is published by Anderson Press.

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