Children’s Book ‘ Walter’s Wonky Web’ Inspired by Robert the Bruce’s Spider, Launches in Wigtown

A spider once inspired Robert the Bruce to try again, and now a new picture book hopes to encourage children not to give up on a challenge.

The story of of spiderling Walter was written by Glasgow born Lorraine Johnston, and after it won an award from The Scottish Association of Writers it was produced as a picture book.

The book was produced in a limited edition and as it proved very popular bookseller Jayne Baldwin decided to publish Walter’s Wonky Web in a new format with her Wigtown based company, Foggie Toddle Books.

Jayne said: ‘Lorraine has written four books (three that support Scottish Charities) and they’ve proven to be very popular in my shop. She produced her titles as limited editions, and I am delighted that Foggie Toddle will be able to distribute her work to a wider audience. I’m very excited to be able to introduce this lovely character to lots more children. I’m sure they will love Walter and his friends.’

Lorraine worked with young children for many years and has a lovely way of folding in some education, a good dose of giggles whilst encouraging children to become more confident within themselves. Teamwork and friendship are usually in her stories too, and her work has become popular with children and their parents, grandparents and teachers.

“Young ones can become frustrated when their efforts don’t turn out the way they would like them to,” Lorraine said. “Young Walter is trying to spin his first perfect web, but they all look wonky to him. With help and encouragement from his friends and family, he discovers that trying his best, is not just good enough; but that his webs are simply wonderful!” Wigtown’s very own Storyteller Renita Boyle says: ‘ .a yarn spun with much warmth, humour and creativity. Walter succeeds in ways never imagined with determination and the encouragement of his friends and family.’

Walter’s Wonky Web by Lorraine Johnston with illustrations by Jane Cornwell is now available price £6.99 from Foggie Toddle Books, independent booksellers and online outlets like Bookshop.org.

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