Darling! Are You a Wendy?

The Birthplace of Peter Pan, Moat Brae, in Dumfries and Galloway, Celebrates J.M. Barrie’s Birthday by Inviting Wendys for a Special Tribute

Moat Brae, the enchanting Georgian townhouse that inspired J.M. Barrie’s creation of Peter Pan, is delighted to announce a unique celebration in honor of the beloved author’s birthday. On May 9th, Moat Brae will welcome individuals named Wendy to explore the historic property, free of charge, as a tribute to the iconic character Wendy Darling.

The initiative is a fitting homage to J.M. Barrie’s timeless masterpiece, “Peter Pan,” where Wendy Darling plays a central role as the nurturing and adventurous protagonist. By extending this invitation to Wendys, Moat Brae seeks to celebrate the enduring legacy of Barrie’s work and the significance of Wendy’s character in the hearts of readers worldwide.

“We are thrilled to commemorate J.M. Barrie’s birthday in a manner that honors one of his most cherished characters, Wendy Darling,” said Cameron Hinde, the Visitor Attraction Manager at Moat Brae. “Moat Brae holds a special place in literary history, and we are excited to welcome Wendys to experience the magic of this place that inspired Peter Pan’s adventures.”

Moat Brae encourages Wendys of all ages to participate in this special event, fostering a sense of connection to the beloved story and its enduring characters. Whether reliving childhood memories or discovering the magic of Peter Pan for the first time, all Wendys are invited to embrace the spirit of adventure and imagination at Moat Brae.