David Walliams Releases 30 FREE Daily Audio Stories During COVID-19 Lockdown

David Walliams is the biggest selling children’s author to have started writing since the year 2000, he’s sold over thirty-five million books worldwide! Since Monday March 23rd for the next 30 days, David has been giving away one of his stories in audio form each day, to help you and your children during the COVID-19 Lockdown.
David announced on his twitter acount ” Those stuck at home with their kids may be able to relate to ‘The World’s Worst Children’. I’ll be releasing an audio story every day for the next 30 days for free. First up is The Terrible Triplets! Enjoy. xxx Click here to listen bit.ly/AudioElevenses
Yesterday he tweeted “Here’s another audio story from ‘The World’s Worst Children’ to entertain your little ones. Today’s child is: Spoiled Brad. I hope you enjoy. It’s FREE! x Click here to listen bit.ly/AudioElevenses

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