‘Down The Street Kirkcudbright’ A Charity Photo Project Worth Supporting

Many of you from all around the Stewartry area my know or of seen ‘Sam Kelly’ at an event with his camera. Sam a former winner of the ‘Kirkcudbright Citizen Of the Year’ award is a well known face around the town and is as much a part of Kirkcudbrights Summer festivities as anyone else, Sam spends many hours of his free time photographing and filming and then putting the images and videos online of events right through the year at Kirkcudbright and further afield, whether it be a Stewartry Rugby match or more recently a charity wheelchair race at Castle Douglas.

Sam has recently carried out a project titled “Down The Street Kirkcudbright ” which he is hoping to turn into a Photo-book full of photos taken in Kirkcudbright with Kirkcudbright people in,  to raise money for charity, and will hopefully be purchesed by  local residents and visitors. Sam tried to get some funding towards the project which has fallen through and now he needs 500 pledges from people who would like to purchase a copy, to make the project financially cover itself.

Sam told DGWGO: “After waiting for months to get funding for this photo Book and being turned down, I have thought long and hard about the “Down The Street Kirkcudbright Photo Book” I have been in touch with a new Printer who can cut the cost of producing 500 copies.Which means if I can sell all the books, “which I will have to do” will leave a substantial amount for the Hospital & Nurses Fund.
I have been waiting for months to hear about funding which was applied for and never happened , which is disappointing. It would be nice to complete the project without any outside organization’s help, but I need your help to make this possible.

The book is now completed and just need’s to be  printed in numbers. I am not profiting in any way from this project, and will not be adding any personal costs to the outcome. The book will be printed and sold and all the money left over after printing costs will be donated to the “Kirkcudbright League Of Friends, which includes Hospital and Community Nurses”
The cost per book will be £10, which can be posted in the UK for an extra £4.
I am inviting everyone who is interested in purchasing a copy to “Message Me by clicking HERE ” with only your name and phone number, to place an order. I will also be taking orders in the town, for people who do not go online. Many Thanks SAM.”