A New American book “Hers”  focusing on poems that address women’s issues features poetry from Dumfries and Galloway ‘Stuart Paterson’ from Sandyhills.

Stuart told DGWGO  “As the sole Scottish contributor, I’m delighted to continue being a part of this important new series of political & humanitarian anthologies from the USA, Poets Speak. The second is called Hers & focuses on various global women’s issues. It also highlights the challenges faced by American women, including reproductive rights & the struggle to pass the Equality Rights Amendment. There are many exceptional contributions from a variety of well known & not so well known poets. At 120 pages it’s a meaty & essential addition to the worldwide left-wing writers’ canon.”
As editor of this volume,” says Jules Nyquist, “I have selected poems that address women’s issues in various areas. Women’s struggles are more important than now than ever.

Jules Continues “Section One takes us into the ice age, through Biblical stories, the Madonna, and on to how women are perceived in history, while still capturing that wildness inside. Section two explores women’s bodies and self-worth with less than perfect bodies and the invisibility of older women in society. Section three continues those bodily images with what women endure with domestic violence and society, relationships, what we learn from our mothers or pass on to our daughters. Section four brings us into the everyday life of women and girls, and how we find strengths at home, in the workplace or out in the world. Sections five and six take on politics and world issues, especially since the 2017 Women’s March, the struggle to pass the ERA, reproductive rights and other issues.” Any profits arising from the Hers book launch and Poets Speak Anthology series will be donated to the following organizations: The Southwest Women’s Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Immigration Law Center, and the Indigenous Environmental Network.”

Jules and John have already donated $500 to ACLU from the Trumped (volume 1) book sales. For Hers, they plan to donate profits to the Southwest Women’s Law Center.

Hers is volume two of Poets Speak (while we still can), a series of mini-anthologies in rapid response to the national and planetary crisis provoked by the election of 11/8/16. This series is the original idea of John Roche, series editor. Other 2017 volumes in the series are Trumped (volume 1), Water (volume 3), Survival (volume 4), and Walls (volume 5).

Jules Nyquist – Editor and founder of Jules’ Poetry Playhouse, LLC HERS – published May 20, 2017 –  (Beatlick Press & Jules’ Poetry Playhouse Publications)

The book can be ordered HERE




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