THE GHOST OF RABBIE BURNS: An American Poet’s Journey Through Scotland by Laurence Overmire

Part travelogue, part diary, part poetry, history and genealogy
With an Introduction by Ted Cowan, Scottish historian, University of Glasgow
An American poet who, according to family tradition, is related to the iconic poet Robert Burns, embarks upon a life-changing adventure through Scotland to find the lost connections to his immigrant forebears.
From Bannockburn to Culloden, Edinburgh to Stirling to Inverness and Skye, Glencoe and Loch Lomond, Glasgow and Dumfries, each page reveals another thread of the lore and the mystery, offering a fresh perspective on the times, the places and the people that are woven into the beautiful tapestry that is Scotland.
As an historical snapshot in time, this book will have significant social and cultural relevance for America, Scotland and the UK in times to come.
“A wonderful book of poetry and a great asset if you are making a trip to Scotland.” Duke of Argyll, Chief of Clan Campbell
“Laurence is a true sennachie, a genealogist as well as a bard.” Ted Cowan, Emeritus professor of Scottish history and literature, University of Glasgow
“touchingly sincere and thoughtful… laced with a wry but kindly humour.” Isla St Clair, singer and broadcaster
“Historically interesting and accurate… a passionate perspective of olden Caledonia.” Steve McDonald, composer, Sons of Somerled
“an amusing, heartfelt, historical journey that every exile should take. Weel duin, Laurence.” Iain H Scott, Scocha
“Insightful and delightful.” Stewart MacNeil, The Barra MacNeils
“Overmire has captured that idea of the warrior/poet/wanderer so many of us dream of being. We can live the adventure of William Wallace at Stirling Bridge, or the devotion of Greyfriars Bobby, or the heartbreak of Culloden. Whither from your armchair at home with a glass of single malt in your hand, or on the plane ride over for your own first Scottish Adventure, I would highly recommend Overmire’s capture of his own ‘first trip home’.” Eric Bullard, President, Clan Buchanan Society Intl., Inc.
“an engaging meditation on Scotland, its history, places and people.” Rev. Calum I. MacLeod, Minister of St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh
“The imagery evoked in his verse and the moral lessons imparted by Laurence represent the message of Robert Burns for the modern time.” Mark Myers, President, Clan Maclean Association of California, USA
“Much of Burns’ collected works were captured during his tours of Scotland… this book captures the mood very well as a trail through Scotland.” Jock Meikle, President of the Burns Club of London
“Overmire uncovers the heart of each place he visits and helps us know the very soul of this country.” Anita Scott-Philbrick, Ph.D, Deputy Chieftain, Clan Scott Society
“Overmire has captured what it is like for those with even a trace of Scottish heritage to long for a connection with their ancestral roots… It is refreshing to view history in the context of poetry.” Larry Bardell, President, Oregon Scottish Society
“This book is a poetic, informed and sensitive testament to Scotland – its history, its art, its enduring values, its conflicts, and its spirituality.” Weeden Nichols, F.S.A. Scot., President, Clan MacLeod Society USA
“always with an ear/eye on literary or musical echoes… this poet is interested in connections, not separations.” Dr. Keith Hughes, English Literature, University of Edinburgh
“The art of painting into words my homeland and its history was well done and should be experienced by all whose blood runs ‘Per Mare Per Terras’.” Chevalier Dr. Gregory A. McDonald, D.D.S., K.T.J., formerly Ohio Deputy Commissioner, Clan Donald
“It’s a pleasant book to curl up with on a cold winter’s evening in front of the fireplace, or at the beach on a sunny summer day.” Margaret Frost, Chairman, Scottish American Society, President, American Clan Cumming Association
Title: The Ghost of Rabbie Burns: An American Poet’s Journey Through Scotland Author: Laurence Overmire Release Date: Friday, May 27, 2016 Price: $17.95 Publisher: Indelible Mark Publishing Details: Perfect bound softcover / 210 Pages / 6″ x 9″ / B&W Photographs ISBN: 978-0-9795398-6-2 Available: Globally online and in bookstores and libraries Category: Poetry / Travel / History / Genealogy See www.imarkbooks.com for more information
Laurence Overmire has had a multi-faceted career as poet, actor, director, educator, genealogist and public speaker. As an actor, he appeared on Broadway in Amadeus directed by Sir Peter Hall, as well as the television soap operas All My Children and Loving. He was also executive producer of The Writer’s Lab in Hollywood, a non-profit organization to promote quality writing in the entertainment industry.
Overmire’s poetry has been widely published in the U.S. and abroad in hundreds of magazines, journals, and anthologies. The Ghost of Rabbie Burns is his fourth collection of poems.
Overmire is also the author of four epic books of family history. Having spent much of the last two Laurence Overmire at Robert Burns House, Dumfries, Scotland
decades immersed in genealogical and historical research, he has created several genealogical reference databases on the Internet including The Ancestry of Overmire, Tifft, Richardson, Bradford, Reed, which has received over 1.8 million hits and has helped hundreds of thousands of people trace their family trees and find their connections to famous historical figures.
The book that has drawn the most worldwide attention, however, is a philosophical work titled, The One Idea That Saves The World: A Call to Conscience and A Call to Action. Overmire calls it “a blueprint for world peace.” It has been widely acclaimed for its compassionate, common sense approach to many of the world’s most pressing issues.
Overmire is very active as an advocate for peace, social justice and the environment. He was one of the contributors to Global Chorus: 365 Voices for the Future (2014), a collection of essays by some of the leading thinkers and humanitarians of our age including Dr. Jane Goodall, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, The Dalai Lama, Bill McKibben, Jamie Oliver, Alexandra Cousteau, Dr. David Suzuki, Wendell Berry, Stephen Hawking, Maya Angelou and Paul Hawken.
Very concerned about the health of the planet, Overmire is a proud signatory on the International Declaration on the Future of the Arctic, joining Sir Paul McCartney, Emma Thompson, George Monbiot, Naomi Klein, Prof. James Hansen, and many others, to call for effective measures to preserve the Arctic for future generations.
“We need to stand up, protect and defend the things we love,” Overmire says, “but we need to do so with understanding and compassion for all.”
He lives in West Linn, Oregon, with his wife Nancy McDonald.
For more about the author, see www.laurenceovermire.com and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurence_Overmire.

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