Langholm Perry Sells Out 3 Months After Scooping National Award

Waulkmill Cider based in Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway produce Mooseheid Perry, which became the first Scottish product to ever win an award at CAMRA’s prestigious National Cider and Perry Championship. The Perry has sold out 3 months after winning the title. 


Perry is a pear cider traditionally made in the Midlands and in south west England.  Mooseheid Perry is unique in being made from Scottish pears, including the local Jedburgh pear named ‘Muirfowl Egg’ which contributes to its unique flavour profile.  The scarcity of Scottish pear trees means the Scottish perry can only be made in limited quantities.


The perry has been in great demand since the win was announced, with around six thousand bottles being sold from Aberdeenshire to Dorset.  Fans of Mooseheid will now have to wait till May 2018 to quench their thirst for the unique Scottish drink.


Chris Harrison of Waulkmill Cider who produces the perry said:

“Perry is quite a niche drink, particularly in Scotland, so to sell out this early in the season is very unusual. 


“Interest in Scottish craft cider and perry is definitely growing.  It’s an exciting time to be a cider maker in Scotland and with harvest season just around the corner I’m on the look out for more Scottish pear trees so we can produce more Mooseheid Perry to keep up with the demand.”


There are over 500 cider producers across the UK and Waulkmill Cider is Scotland’s leading real cider producer.   ‘Real cider’ is a term used to describe traditional cider made from freshly pressed apples, while perry is made from perry pears.  Real cider and perry is still rather than force-carbonated, unpasteurised during production and is not micro-filtered, which produces a natural and delicious alcoholic drink.

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