Last Chance For Lockerbie Locals To Get Half Price Shh’annu Lamb With Kirkwood’s of Dalton

Once Again Lockerbie farmer Anthony Steel of Kirkwood at Dalton is helping locals with the coast of living by making a special offer for local residents. … Anyone living near Lockerbie can get some outstanding lamb at half price; and there’s 40% off for those living elsewhere within D&G.

Order by phone – 01576 510200

Order by email – [email protected]


Shh’annu lamb is available again at a discounted rate for locals (D&G)

Chops in packs of 3 or 4 (around 0.6kg-0.7kg each),

Rolled Shoulders (full size 2+kg, while smaller ones are available 1+kg)

Mini leg joints (silversides) – around 0.5kg – ideal for 2 or 3 people as a small roast

Mince, and a little diced, also available. But this is already cheap so no discount

Lockerbie residents (DG11) qualify for half price, while other DGs get 40% off, this week.

Collection this week can only be Friday evening 4pm to 6.30pm (or Sat 9.00am to 9.15am but no later) from Dalton Green farmhouse DG11 1DL.

This week shh’annu lamb was sent to Michelin Star restaurants in Kent, London, Essex, Edinburgh, and mid Wales. You can pick up the cuts they didn’t buy at our special discount price for locals – what a treat!

Chops normally £30/kg so 50% would be £15/kg

Mini leg joints normally £30/kg so 50% would be £15/kg

Rolled Shoulders normally £18/kg so 50% would be £9/kg

www.RealFarmMeat.co.uk 01576 510200

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