Learn And Grow – Become A Volunteer With Balmaclellan Social Enterprise ‘Hidden Veg’

Hidden Veg is a small, local, non-profit social enterprise based on the Hidden Road in Balmaclellan, providing the community with organically produced and sustainable veg.

Téa Oliver, trainee at hidden Veg told DGWGO in a recent interview ” The weekly average income from the market garden just about covers overheads like land rent, water, electricity, seeds, compost etc., no profit or wage is taken. We sell our produce for affordable prices to ensure this is a sustainable enterprise.
Our market garden includes a polytunnel where veg such as Chard, Tomatoes, Salads, Rocket and lots more flourish in the warmth. Outside we currently have Peas, Beans, Leeks, Broccolis and Salads – just to name a few! Also, outside the air is buzzing with pollinators such as bees and hoverflies as they are attracted to the beautiful flowering purple phacelia. Wild flowers, trees and birdsong can be seen and heard all around the garden as you work.
In the garden there are always things that need tending to, whether that be sowing new seeds; removing old plants; re-potting seedlings; planting out veg  and not forgetting plenty of weeding to keep on top of! We are now in peak-season of our vegetable production and we are offering you the opportunity to come and volunteer with us in our market garden on Thursday afternoons. This will be a great hands-on experience where you can learn more about different vegetables, develop your gardening skills, and have an enjoyable afternoon!
Gardening has been scientifically proven to benefit your mental health and is often used as a form of therapy for stress-relief and anxiety. Being surrounded by greenery and hearing the sound of the waterfall makes a very peaceful environment for you to relax in whilst simultaneously being productive. Leave being satisfied with your work, renewed in your mind and feeling all-round happier. Reward yourself by snacking on our wild strawberries and as a thank you for your help, you can return home with a lovely bag of greens to enjoy!
I have been working for Hidden Veg as a trainee for about two months now on a DWP Kickstarter grant, I am thoroughly enjoying myself and have learnt an incredible amount in such a short time! It’s a beautiful place to work and I am looking forward to working with volunteers every Thursday afternoon. If this is a learning opportunity that interests you, please contact [email protected] or phone 07340 531506

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