Scottish Licensed Trade Association Launch Get Vaccinated Now Poster Campaign

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A debate and vote today in the Scottish Parliament will determine whether the Government will roll out vaccine certificates for those visiting nightclubs and larger event settings.   Although the suggestion is that the wider hospitality industry will not be affected, the First Minister has clearly stated on a number of occasions that this is “under review” and therefore covid passports are a threat hanging over the whole of the hospitality industry.

With around 30% of 18 – 29 year olds not double vaccinated as at the end of August, and this age group being a mayor demographic of not just the industry’s customer base, but also the staff employed in the sector, it is essential that everything is done  to encourage people to get vaccinated. As we are constantly reminded, “getting as many people vaccinated as possible, as quickly as possible, is the best way out of the pandemic and getting back to the things we’ve all missed”.

Please display the posters which are available below and continue to play your part in combatting the virus and reducing the risks of further restrictions on the hospitality industry.