From The Swan to The Steamboat Inn: Milligan Group Expands Its Culinary Landscape

Jamie & Cassie Milligan are set to add The Steamboat Inn, Carsethorn to the 'Milligan Group'

Jamie Milligan shares his vision for The Steamboat Inn at Carsethorn, shedding light on the culinary delights, operational plans, and potential future expansions.

Key Dates and Opening Celebration

Come the 1st of January, the Milligan Group officially takes charge of The Steamboat Inn. Opening its doors that afternoon, the restaurant will kick off with a celebration featuring drinks, a complimentary finger buffet, and a traditional piper serenading patrons at 3 pm.

After a brief closure on the 2nd of January, The Steamboat Inn will resume its usual hours starting the 3rd of January.

Jamie’s Vision for The Steamboat Inn

The Steamboat Inn is poised to retain its status as an unpretentious, traditional pub at the heart of the Carsethorn community.

In his words, “Our aim is to bring to your table an impeccably fresh product, cooked as simply as we can, with as little fuss as possible.”

While classic pub staples will remain, Jamie, along with the Head Chef and Group Executive Chef, is eager to introduce fresh, creative, and unique seafood dishes to the menu. “We are really looking forward to bringing the taste of fresh, creative, and unique seafood dishes to the menu that comes straight from our local fishermen.”

Operating Wednesday through Sunday during the winter months, The Steamboat Inn will shift to seven days a week from Easter until late October, aligning with its sister restaurant, The Swan at Kingholm Quay.

Learnings from The Swan: Crafting Distinctive Experiences

Drawing from Jamie’s successful management at The Swan – Kingholm Quay, he emphasised the significance of creating a distinctive identity and personality for each hospitality establishment. “With hospitality businesses all vying for the same business, we all need to have our own identity and personality. Hospitality is an art!”

Stunning views are always on the menu at Carsethorn

Opportunities for Joining the Team

Responding to inquiries about recruitment, Jamie mentioned internal promotions and the current search for a Head Chef and Sous Chef at The Steamboat Inn. There is also a need for a Sous Chef at The Swan – Kingholm Quay. These opportunities provide a chance for talented individuals to join the Milligan Group team and contribute to the culinary excellence of these popular local establishments.

Any employment enquiries should be directed to [email protected]

Future Ventures: A Glimpse Beyond The Steamboat

Intriguingly, Jamie hinted at the possibility of a third pub/hotel/restaurant/bar under the Milligan Group, which already oversees The Swan – Kingholm Quay.

As The Steamboat Inn charts its new course under Milligan Group’s leadership, residents and visitors can anticipate a blend of tradition and innovation, a focus on community, and the potential for further expansions in the local hospitality scene.

You can keep up to date with the Steamboat Inn at their website, Facebook and Instagram Page