The Swan’s ‘Invisible Fries’: A Tasty Twist in Supporting Nith Inshore Rescue

The Swan at the Kingholm Quay, Dumfries has initiated a unique campaign to assist the Nith Inshore Rescue charity.

Their latest addition to the menu, “Invisible Fries,” offers customers the opportunity to directly aid the lifeboat charity’s fundraising efforts.

What Are Invisible Fries?
Offering a unique twist to traditional fries, ‘Invisible Fries’ stand out on The Swan’s menu as a creative way to support Nith Inshore Rescue.

Every purchase directly fuels the charity’s lifesaving efforts, making a significant impact in the community

Fundraising for Nith Inshore Rescue
The initiative is aimed at providing financial support to Nith Inshore Rescue. By selecting Invisible Fries, customers play a role in sustaining the charity’s ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

Supporting the Local Lifeboat Charity
The Swan encourages its customers to consider ordering Invisible Fries during their visit as a means of backing the local lifeboat charity. With 0% fat and 100% of proceeds channelled towards Nith Inshore Rescue, it’s a modest yet impactful way to contribute to community safety initiatives.

Jamie Milligan, Owner of The Swan, Innovator of the ‘Invisible Fries’ Team Member for Nith Inshore Rescue

Owner and Volunteer Jamie Milligan said:
“As both the owner of The Swan and a team member at Nith Inshore Rescue since 2021, I understand firsthand the importance of community support for our charity. Through initiatives like Invisible Fries, we not only raise funds but also awareness about the vital work of our volunteers.”

Other Ways To Donate
For those unable to visit The Swan or residing outside the area, direct donations to Nith Inshore Rescue can be made through their website’s donate button: Nith Inshore Rescue JustGiving Page. This option enables anyone to contribute to the charity’s lifesaving mission, regardless of your location.