Yamas Deli in Dumfries Celebrates Three Years with 10% Off This Weekend

“Grab A Greek” and Celebrate Three Years of Yamas Deli: Exclusive Weekend Discount in Dumfries

Yamas Deli, the popular local takeaway located at 35 Bank Street in Dumfries, is thrilled to announce its third-anniversary celebration. For the past three years, Yamas Deli has been dedicated to providing the people of Dumfries with an unparalleled and genuine Greek culinary experience.

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Yamas Deli: A Taste of Greece in Dumfries

Reflecting on the incredible journey of the past three years, owner Nick expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the loyal patrons who have embraced Yamas Deli’s genuine Greek food experience. “Our aim from the beginning was to offer Dumfries a true taste of Greece, right here in our community,” said Nick. “It’s great to see how our customers have embraced our authentic Greek dishes and made Yamas Deli a part of their culinary journey.”

To commemorate this milestone and express their gratitude to loyal customers, Yamas Deli invites you to “Grab A Greek” and enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on all orders placed, via the App,  from Friday, May 26th, to Sunday, May 28th.

Owner Nick’s passion for bringing the true essence of Greek cuisine to Dumfries has been the driving force behind Yamas Deli’s success. By sourcing high-quality ingredients directly from Greece, Yamas Deli ensures that every dish served captures the authentic flavours of Greece, transporting customers to the sun-soaked Mediterranean with each bite.

Savour the Flavors of Greece: Directly Sourced Ingredients

To celebrate this milestone, Yamas Deli invites everyone to join in the anniversary festivities and savour the flavours of Greece while enjoying an exclusive 10% discount. From Friday, May 26th, to Sunday, May 28th, customers can “Grab A Greek” and take advantage of this limited-time offer by downloading the Yamas Deli app

Download The Yamas Deli – Apple App

Download The Yamas Deli – Android App

The discount will be applied when you checkout via the App

Expressing Gratitude to Loyal Customers

Yamas Deli’s unwavering commitment to serving authentic Greek cuisine has made it a popular destination for food enthusiasts and those seeking a genuine taste of Greece in Dumfries. From classic dishes like gyros, and souvlaki to indulgent desserts like baklava, Yamas Deli’s menu showcases the rich and vibrant flavours of Greece.

Immerse Yourself in the Culinary Treasures of Greece

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the culinary treasures of Greece while enjoying a generous 10% discount at Yamas Deli.

Join the celebration from Friday, May 26th, to Sunday, May 28th, and experience the true taste of Greece in Dumfries. So, go ahead, “Grab A Greek” – Download the App and celebrate three years of Yamas Deli!