Dumfries High Street Festival To Bring New Light To Town Centre

Dumfries High Street will be brightened each night between 17:30 – 21:00 from Thursday February 10th until Saturday February 12th by the return of the iconic D-Lux Lighting Festival.

D-Lux is a free, interactive, family friendly event allowing people to explore the town centre after dark by taking part in live video games with the on-screen action being projected live onto buildings and shopfronts.

D-Lux 2022 will see the return of favourite activities from previous years including giant-joystick Galaga, a double-decker bus full of games consoles to play and project, and the interactive online ‘Build Dumfries’ Minecraft server where people can have a go at building a new Dumfries High Street online using any of the major consoles, mac or PC. The Stream – LIVE!, a 48 hour live stream will also be returning via Twitch, which last year saw locked-down audiences from around the globe tune in to watch a programme of talks and discussions around the plusses and minuses of gaming for mental health, well-being and keeping up social contacts. New to the festival this year will be Midpeople Tetris, a giant, 2-player version of the block-stack classic projected on the Midsteeple clock tower, mulitplater racing games on the Planestanes, and a collaborative Portal 2 installation at The Press.

Fresh food and drinks will be available from the Stove Café, Slush n’ Stuff, and Geek Retreat which will all be open late to support the festival. There will also be some additional games organised by Geek Retreat.

Speaking about the return of D-Lux to the High Street, event producer David Smith said:

“It’s great to be able to bring D-Lux back to Dumfries for another year, and we’re looking forward to giving people a fresh chance to explore the High Street in an exciting way. Our theme this year is ‘play together’ and so we are encouraging people to take part in our multiplayer games and activities which we have taken care to ensure will be delivered in a safe and socially distanced way.”

D-Lux 2022 has partnered with ‘Support in Mind Scotland’ to further explore the ways in which digital and gaming can contribute to positive mental health. D-Lux conducted research into mental health and gaming in 2020 through the ‘digital square’ project which saw participants answer some survey questions on gaming and mental health, the data from which fed into a digital artwork. Digital Square will return to D-Lux in 2022 so organisers can continue to investigate the links between gaming and mental health, with real time results projected on a high street façade.

D-Lux is funded by The Holywood Trust, Creative Scotland, The Culture and Business Fund, Jardine Funeral Directors, The People’s project, SP Energy Networks and Dumfries and Galloway council.

Mark Jardine of Jardine’s Funeral Directors and local charity ‘The People’s Project’ said:

“Jardine and The People’s project are very pleased to continue to support D-Lux. The festival has survived the pandemic and has actually grown in its scale and ambition. It is heartening to see it establishing itself as an event of importance in Dumfries annual calendar with activities scheduled for throughout the year”

Karen Ward-Boyd of the Holywood Trust said:

“The Trust is absolutely delighted that D-Lux is able to bring some excitement and colour back into Dumfries town centre in February. As well as providing innovative and fun activities for all ages, D-Lux’s approach to developing the skills and talents of young people through training and mentoring is to be commended and is a programme of work which the Trust is happy to be supporting through grant funding.”

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