Dumfries High School Pupil Gregor Grierson Wins Junior Award At Royal National Mòd

The opening weekend of this year’s Royal National Mòd in Perth is showcasing the very best in Gaelic culture, with epic sporting clashes and outstanding traditional music both taking centre stage.

Scotland’s premier Gaelic festival, organised by An Comunn Gàidhealach, is a celebration of the Gaelic language, music and culture, promoting its relevance and value in modern Scotland through a varied programme of competitions, concerts and fringe events. The Royal National Mòd welcomes fluent Gaelic speakers and Gaelic learners alike, as well as newcomers who wish to learn more about the festival and join in with the celebrations.

Today the Royal National Mòd celebrates a major facet of Gaelic culture in piping. The junior piping at North Inch Community Campus saw 16-year-old Dumfries High School S5 pupil Gregor Grierson take home the W.G.G. Wilson Trophy in the 16-18 year old Pìobaireachd competition.