The reopening of the stove in Dumfries is marked this weekend with Dumfries Music Conference, an open day had been held all day (Friday) with workshops, musical acts and even their own DMC radio broadcast through Spreaker.com and hosted by Alive radio’s Thursday Night Showcase presenter Melissa Gunn.

The evening continued with a seminar and A&R listening panel consisting of experts within the music profession:- Ally Macrae (Manager of Prides, A&R at Sentric Music), Nick Roberts (Electric Fields Festival), Scott Kirkwood (KLOË, Hit The Road, First Run Records), Alan Morrison (The Herald), Derick Mackinnon (Scotland On Sunday), Jeff Thompson (Un-Convention, Off Axis), Keren McKean (We Make Music Work/Deep Blue Festivals).
What followed was a thoroughly informative and interesting look behind the musical business curtain, on subjects such as press, management, gigs and how to deal with all of these.
After a short intermission the evening concluded with the A&R listening panel, for those who haven’t attended one of these before this is where musicians submit tracks for critiquing, roughly 1 minute 15 second of each submitted track was played and the panel in turn gave the present artist feedback. We know how lucky we are in this area for our wealth and depth of talented musicians but tonight reinforced it.
Nine tracks were submitted all by local artists and all nine received constructive but positive reviews. Up for review was Alex Maxwell, The Barstow Bats, Bella and the Bear, Martin Joseph, Zoë Bestel, The Mind Sweepers, Novantae, Cammy Black and Møgen.
Throughout Saturday workshops continue as does radio DMC with local DJ’s interspersed throughout the day. All topped off at night with a great musical line-up featuring Miaoux Miaoux, KLOË, Sean vs The Robots, MØGEN .

What a refreshing feeling to be involved in an event in the centre of Dumfries on a Friday night, many congratulations to the Stove and DMC for bringing people back into the town centre long may it continue.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/DumfriesMusicConference?fref=ts

Written by Ali Donowho for DGWGO

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