Feral Choir Brings Warmth to MidWinter  

The much-loved Dumfries and Galloway Feral Choir is back bringing memories of winters past to three concerts across the region just before Christmas.


MidWinter Turning will be performed at Balmaghie Kirk, Kirkcudbright Parish Hall and Moffat Town Hall on the weekend of 20th-22nd December.


The concert looks back at 2019 and celebrates the turning of the year with new songs and old.


“There have been some major anniversaries in the last year, including the moon landings, the coming down of the Berlin Wall and the beginnings of the internet”, says Alison Burns, the Feral Choir’s conductor. “I’ve chosen songs and poems that are relevant to all of those moments and that evoke feelings and memories that everyone will recognise.”


The varied programme includes All the World Turns Over about Dumfries and Galloway being under snow, which is full of place names and descriptions audiences will recognise. There is also a poem set to music, The Wren Lies in Care’s Bed, by David Herd, a contemporary of Robert Burns, which tells of the changing of the seasons. The songs are interspersed by poems, carefully chosen to echo the themes of the concert, alongside readings from historic local newspapers.


“Audiences will hear a whole range of music that will remind them of winters past and set them up for the year to come,” Alison adds. “We’re looking forward to seeing well-kent faces, as well as those who haven’t heard us sing before.”


The choir is joined by reader David Francis, a well-known Scottish songwriter who grew up in Dumfries and attended Dumfries Academy.


See https://www.feralchoir.co.uk/concerts/ for more information and booking details. All tickets are £10 and include seasonal refreshments.


Friday 20th December: Balmaghie Kirk, 7.30pm https://feral-choir-balmaghie.brownpapertickets.com/

Saturday 21st December: Kirkcudbright Parish Hall, 4pm https://feral-choir-kbt.brownpapertickets.com/

Sunday 22nd December: Moffat Town Hall, 2.30pm https://feral-choir-moffat.brownpapertickets.com/



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