Little Stove Presents – Elia Davidson

Dumfries based singer/songwriter gives us her version of ‘Oh my Sweet Carolina’…

This week’s cover comes from young and up-and-coming talent Elia Davidson. Based in Dumfries, Elia is one of many talented musicians in the area but what sets her apart is her voice. A distinctly Scottish singing voice accompanied by a hauntingly beautiful tone makes for a winning combination.

I met Elia for the first time this week and although I had done some research on her in preparation for filming, it’s always difficult to truly appreciate how good someone is until you hear it first hand. So, we got her sat down and we set up the cameras and the mics, made sure everything was as it should be…and action. Then her voice came out. I was taken aback to the point were for a moment I forgot to concentrate on filming. With this video we really wanted to do justice to Elia’s performance so that everyone could get a taste of what she is like live.

‘Oh my Sweet Carolina’ was Elia’s choice of cover this week. Originally performed by Ryan Adams and released in 2000, the song has also been covered by the likes of Elton John and Billy Joel… So Elia is in good company. I felt this was the perfect song to accompany her style and really give you a good idea of the type of music she plays.

In addition to this cover, Elia performed one of her original tracks aptly named ‘December’ which will also be up online for your viewing pleasure this weekend – a wee stocking filler of a song just in time for Christmas.

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58AzNdpU6IU”]

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