NHS Worker Originally From Dumfries Releases Single Inspired By Covid-19 Lockdown

A new exciting collaboration has been born through the difficult times of 2020. Darker Clouds, a musical duo formed in Glasgow/Paisley has come together, formed with a mutual interest of metal and rock music and Singer/Songwriting. Judith Pollock (originally from Dumfries) and Tam Leitch, both working in the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley where they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend who realised their individual talents would complement each other perfectly.


Both partners contribute to the songwriting, Judith plays rhythm guitar/keyboards and Tam is lead guitar and arrangement guru. Both share the vocals on the tracks depending on the style of the song. Judith is more from a background of solo vocal/acoustic guitar tracks whereas Tam has had a number of heavy metal projects up til now. The digital sharing, recording and mixing has been absolutely crucial as the pandemic has prevented any live jamming or gigs as of yet.


Growing up in Dumfries and having many friends and family in popular and successful local bands, and despite living in Glasgow, still being an avid gig goer and supporter of the Dumfries live music scene, Judith has found this a profound influence in finally finding the courage to try and play out some dreams of her own. A good friend Julie Ward, singer/songwriter and guitarist from the band ‘The Cherry Pinks’ has been crucial in encouraging and giving advice to the duo. Neil Paterson, drummer from the same band has also provided the fabulous graphic designs for the band logo.


The difficulties of working in the NHS through the Covid-19 pandemic has made music a very welcome relaxation and focus in what are fairly mentally and physically exhausting times for the pair.


The first single to be released is ‘Circuit Break’, based on the lockdown and the horiffic knock on effects that this has had on society, whether it be mentally, economically or tragically, with a loss of someone close. The single is live on social media platforms now and will be on most streaming and pay music platforms in the next couple of weeks.


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