The Ambrose Irreverent Potted Compendium Of Wickerman Alternatives 2016

Sid Ambrose , one of the original Founders of The Wickerman Festival has come up with this fantastic list of alternative choices for all those of you who are devastated to hear the news today , that there will be no Wickerman festival in 2016 and we all have to wait until 2017 for our next fill of Music at East Kirkcarsewell, in the Dundrennan sunshine.

Sid Said “Firstly l am not encouraging anybody to wave goodbye to Wickerman, but they are having a year out and some of you will be looking at a 2016 alternative. I have some suggestions on mainly smaller festivals with a local connection who would be happy to get your support even if it is only for one year.”



A bit like Wickerman was in 2001 -2005 but with the infrastructure of a much larger event. What l mean by that is Willowman has a free and easy feel but is not held together by bailer twine and Hazel poles like the early Wickerman festivals. It looks like a smooth polished pocket battleship of a festival and sounds like a hand reared line up picked by a musician. Taking place very near the summer solstice between the 16th and 19th June the Willowman is becoming very well respected across Yorkshire and the North East.

Check Out www.willowmanfestival.co.uk

What’s the connection ? Steve the organiser used to be the Wickerman main stage booker, l have also been involved mulling over bands and coordinating PR.


What can l say about Eden well it is a bit like Haight Ashbury being flung into a blender alongside some noughties day glow psy trance weekender and then slipped in between some apocalypse now toast slices. Far out man l hear you say,except it isn’t . Geographically it is a hop skip and a flounce from the Wickerman site and ideologically it is about people being immersed in a multi art form environment for a weekend. This all happens between the 9th and 12th June

Check Out www.edenfestival.co.uk

What’s the connection ? A whole tribe of edenites used to organise some stages at wickerman including the Vishnu lounge and Adam Curtis was one of the original Wickerman founders, l have also been involved coordinating PR.

The Concert At Queens

It’s a one day 80’s gasm of music taking place at Palmerston Park Dumfries on the 4th June, ok some of it spreads into the seventies and ninties but seeing as l am in charge of PR we will just stick with the 80’s theme. Bob Geldof , Rick Astley and Martin Fry will all be there making sure we have a day which is more retro than a mini metro.

Check Out www.qosfc.com

Whats the connection ? You might have guessed it by now l am doing the PR and have also sat in the board room helping chew over bands.

Electric Fields

It’s my region and l will plug it if l want to. Soooo another Galloway based event, this time Electric Fields and here’s a top Ambrose fact, James Clerk Maxwell ( another Galloway man ) discovered Electric Fields in 1865 and was one of Einstein’s inspirations. 150 years later and we have a festival of the same name. What do l like about it ? The setting, the vibe which is cooler than the Fonz in a cryogenic tank and it is small enough to pack away into a modest sized hold- all. No queues for toilets beer or food. It was all about new scottish music but might be changing tack for 2016.

Check Out www.electricfieldsfestival.com taking place at Drumlanrig on the 26th and 27th August

What’s the connection ? Chay Woodman who originated the Solus Tent at Wickerman helped Electric Fields pull some line up’s together and there is a fair chance l offered them some PR advice

Park Fest RNLI

Is it about lifeboats l hear you ask ? Aye it is says me, every penny of profit from this dainty wee festival goes directly towards saving lifes at sea, just think about that as you get washed out past the Ailsa Craig in your new sit on top fishing Kayak. It has a really craggy island feel and father Ted, Dougal and Jack all have their doppelgängers at this event. Last year it was S Club who headlined the year before Ska Daddy Himself Neville Staple, so as you can see the booking policy is wide open. Park Fest will once again roll out the gang plank on the 19th and 20th August in Agnew Park Stranraer.

Check Out www.facebook.com/stranraernliparkfest/

What’s the connection ? It takes place away out west of the region on the shores of Loch Ryan and l might have sat down with Mandy Green the organiser to fling some band suggestions in the pot.

Written by Sid Ambrose , Photo’s by R.B Photography

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