Annan’s Inaugural Kite Festival & Family Fun Day

The upcoming Kite Festival in Annan, scheduled for Sunday, August 27th, is poised to offer a unique combination of kite-flying displays and family-friendly activities.

Jointly organized by Annan The History Town and Annan Rotary Club, the event aims to create a day of community engagement and family fun.

A Colorful Skyward Showcase

The Kite Festival is set to feature over 20 large kites, guided by experienced kite enthusiasts, which will be flown simultaneously, creating a visual spectacle in the sky.

Attendees can anticipate a diverse array of kite designs, adding a touch of artistry to the event.

Activities for All Ages

Beyond the kite-flying displays, the festival will cater to attendees of all ages. The inclusion of kiddie rides and bouncy castles is expected to provide entertainment for children, while Annan Athletic FC’s ‘Beat the Goalie’ challenge offers a friendly competitive activity for all participants.

Mark Your Calendar

The inaugural Kite Festival in Annan is scheduled to take place on August 27th at Newington Sports Field. With a focus on kite-flying displays, family-oriented activities, and the ‘Beat the Goalie’ challenge, the event aspires to offer a balanced and enjoyable experience for all who attend.


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