Celebrate John Paul Jones Birthday at His Birthplace Museum For Free

It’s that time of year again we commemorate the man born on 6th July 1747, who his words remain infamous down to this day! “I have not yet begun to fight.” – His name John Paul Jones

The team at John Paul Jones Birthplace Museum will be celebrating his Birthday on Saturday 8th July 2023 12-4pm.


About John Paul Jones: Born in Scotland near the coast on Arbigland Estate Kirkbean and previously known as John Paul from humble beginnings as a Gardeners son to becoming one of the most skilled Captains of his day, and one of the most famous figures in naval history! John Paul Jones said, “I intend to sail in harm’s way.” During the American War of independence, he was the only one to successfully attack British soil at Whitehaven.



What happens on John Paul Jones Birthday?


We have FREE ENTRY into the grounds to listen and dance to ‘Foot Stompin’ Ceilidh band, of course their no party without FREE Birthday cake!

We have Gorgeous mouth-watering local produce from Kilnford farm shop at Dumfries for our BBQ which will be cooked by a local professional chef including Beltie Beef Burgers, Sausages and Vegetarian Halloumi Kebabs!


We have a preloved Tombola and Lucky dip all money made goes back into the upkeep and maintenance of John Paul Jones Museum as we are a charity.


Have a laugh by playing our 18th Century games which John Paul Jones would have been familiar with!


What else can you buy?


We have a range of local artists in our museum giftshop as well as John Paul Jones memorabilia so go on have a look.


We also have John Paul Jones Rum company doing a stall, where you can purchase as much as you like! This is a fitting gift for any Naval seaman, even John Paul Jones body was preserved in Rum!


Who can attend? This celebration is open to everyone and for all ages! What do people who attend think? Comments so far…


“I’m very much looking forward to coming down with the family for the celebration.”
“Best things last year were BBQ and Live Music…love ideas for those this year and its important to keep the history and museum in forefront of people’s minds for local and Scottish/American history for future generations near and far.”
“The John Paul Jones party promises to be one the legend himself would be proud of! Food, music, dancing, awesome people and of course RUM! What more could you ask for? As the man himself said “the young, the brave, the strong, and the free. Heed my call, Come to the sea. Come Sail with me.” Or in this case, come to his birthday celebrations!”


Who will we meet? We have a range of people attending from historian, British and American Naval attending in their white uniforms, local sea cadets in uniform who will start the ceilidh dances off and many more!


How can you support the Museum? You can support the museum by attending the birthday event and enjoying our local produce cooked by our chef, as well as refreshing drinks. You can also do card donations at the Museum, as well as cash donations.


You can also support the Museum by freely giving of your time and becoming a local volunteer! Contact [email protected] for more details. For directions and info click HERE

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