Delivery Partners Sought For The 2021 ‘Go Wild’ Outdoor Education Programme

After the success of the 2019 ‘Go Wild’ series of summer day camps for P7s in the region, the Galloway Glens is calling for outdoor learning practitioners to help it deliver the programme again.

The ethos of the first Go Wild event was to support P7s transitioning to High School by boosting their confidence through being immersed in nature for a week. Go Wild couldn’t be run in 2020 due to COVID, but the current level of restrictions mean that it can be planned for summer holidays 2021. With very few in-person transitions into High School allowed, it is even more important this year to support P7s at this critical time in their development.

5 free-lance roles are being offered to deliver the programme this year.

First is a Project Co-ordinator, who will begin immediately on appointment in early June to assume responsibility for the project. They will work with schools to identity those children who will benefit from the experience the most and then the families to identify and remove any barriers to attendance. They will also work with the 6 Deliverers who will be delivering the 3 camps over 3 weeks in July and August.

The other 4 roles are for 2 teams of 2 Deliverers who will deliver a week-long day camp in the Glenkens and one in Kirkcudbright. The Castle Douglas camp will be delivered in partnership with the NTS Threave Estate. Note that applications for these roles must be made jointly, by a pre-existing team of 2 deliverers.

Applications are sought from people with a good experience of the principles of outdoor learning and its role in boosting confidence and skills. An understanding of the Go Wild ethos of only offering activities that can be replicated by the young people for free at other times is also critical.

Helen Keron, Education and Community Engagement Officer for the Galloway Glens, said

“Go Wild 2019 was such a big success, we’re excited to be able to plan to do it again this year. Although we live in such a beautiful region, its all too easy to see our hills and forests simply as a backdrop to modern life. These camps show our P7s that if you immerse yourself in nature, you can have an amazing time for no cost and with very little equipment. If you treat it with respect, it’s all out there for the taking!”

For more information on the roles, see https://gallowayglens.org/projects/galloway-glens-explorers/ and for more details, including a detailed job description, contact [email protected]. Closing date is the 30th May for applications via CV and cover letter to Helen Keron. Due to the very tight timetable of the planning process, the Galloway Glens reserves the right not to appoint these roles if they cannot all be filled appropriately.

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