Drumlanrig Castle Gardens: An Immersive Experience with Expert Guided Tours

Drumlanrig Castle is offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the enchanting beauty of its Castle Gardens.

For those eager to delve into the horticultural wonders and historical significance of the gardens, guided tours led by the Head Gardener, Robbie Black, and Volunteer Gardener, Jill, present an unparalleled experience.

  1. Garden Tours with Drumlanrig’s Head Gardener:

Robbie Black, who boasts an impressive tenure of over 25 years at Drumlanrig, offers an enthralling guided tour of the Castle Gardens.

The tours aim to provide visitors with an overview of the gardens while also delving into in-depth details. The exploration includes not only the formal areas but also extends to the woodland garden and the rock garden, showcasing the garden’s diverse landscape.

These tours are an ideal opportunity to witness the gardens’ showstopping seasonal plants in full bloom and gather valuable tips from the gardening maestro himself.

The tours are conducted at the Larchwood Cabin and typically last between 60 to 90 minutes.

Dates of availability for the tours can be found here 

  1. Historic Garden Tours with Jill, the Volunteer Gardener:

Another fascinating aspect of Drumlanrig’s Castle Gardens lies in its historical significance, and this is where Jill, the Volunteer Gardener, takes centre stage. Jill, who has been volunteering in the gardens alongside her role as a Castle Guide, brings forth her passion for history and gardens in her curated historical garden tour.

These tours offer visitors a unique opportunity to explore the Castle Gardens’ architectural features, including the intricate heather houses, while also unravelling the captivating history that lies behind them.

As with Robbie’s tours, Jill’s guided excursions encompass various areas of the garden, presenting the participants with a comprehensive experience.

The historic garden tours are also priced at £4 per person, along with the Gardens entry fee, and have a duration of approximately 60 minutes. Meet-up points for these tours are also at the Larchwood Cabin, making it convenient for participants to assemble.

Dates of availability for the tours can be found here 

Please note the walks will cover various terrain from grass, gravel, and historic stairs.