Dumfries and Galloway Environment Fair Celebrates 20th Year

The Environment Fair will be held on Crichton Campus on 19 March.

The Fair, celebrating its 20 year anniversary, will give visitors the opportunity to learn more about nature, the wide variety of wildlife and the many chances to get involved in building a more sustainable future for Dumfries and Galloway. For visitors to the fair beginning to research higher education options, there is plenty of information available around the campus. Environmental students will be present at the Fair to share any experiences or pieces of advice.

Chairman of the Council’s Economy, Environment and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Collin Smyth said:

“The Environment Fair has been a fantastic event for promoting the many different environmental organisations we have locally; they get to create awareness of the issues they set out to amend alongside ideas about how members of the public can get involved while still having fun. For the past 19 years this Environment Fair has been an effective method of providing interactive education for the whole family while benefitting the local organisations simultaneously and we hope to continue with this for many more years to come, working towards a more sustainable future.”

Volunteer organiser Ashley spoke ahead of the event. She said;
“As a student of the Environmental Science and Sustainability course, I am very excited to be a part of the Fair held on campus. Not only does it benefit me by opening a whole number of different environmentally orientated career paths but I also fully support the educational aspect.

It is so important to enhance people’s awareness of the damage we are causing to the planet; even if everyone could work together and take public transport or car-share a few times a week rather than driving a private car, the reduction in carbon footprints would mean we were already on our way to a much more sustainable future”.

There will be a range of different organisations attending the Environment Fair and there will be something to interest everyone. The activities, which will be fun as well as educational and raise awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability, include workshops such as pencil making, practical bike sessions, bug hunts and arts and crafts.

Actions need to be taken to conserve the environment and the Dumfries and Galloway Fair acts as an enjoyable day out that will teach younger people sustainable habits that will last a lifetime.

Even the journey to the Fair can be kind to the environment as there are buses that run on a regular basis from Dumfries town centre directly to the university campus. To view the timetable visit www.dumgal.gov.uk

For further information on the Dumfries and Galloway Fair contact the Team via email: [email protected] or phone: 07730 427611 or search for us on Facebook.

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