Eerie Encounters at Castle Loch With Mostly Ghostly

With creaking trees, a craggy ruin and the atmospheric waters of Castle Loch brooding in the background, – you can see why this location was chosen for a haunting history tour. Dumfries-based tour creators and paranormal researchers – Mostly Ghostly – had the pleasure of welcoming guests to their Legends and Lore event last Friday evening. Set amidst the woodlands surrounding Castle Loch, Legends and Lore is a storytelling adventure entwined with dark deeds, nefarious characters and curious local encounters.

Team Founder Kathleen Cronie explained:

“On previous visits to the Loch, we’ve been surprised by the number of intriguing personal experiences reported by guests, and this was certainly the case on our most recent outing…”

Gem Kinnen from Lochmaben was one of the guests affected by an unseen presence:

“I frequently walk my dog, Rosco, around the stunning Castle Loch and its woodland – it is extremely atmospheric but after my experience on Friday night, I look at it with a whole new perspective. Not even a half hour into the tour, we were in the woodland beside the loch where I experienced a feeling of being watched. I thought I could sense someone behind me so I instinctively turned around to have a look and shine my torch into the woods. After repeating this a few times, a lady in the group pointed in the same direction and asked everyone if they had noticed a man and child in the woodland watching us.”

Suzie Donaldson from Dumfries also experienced some strange encounters:

“I heard horse hooves galloping down by the lake, and I had a vision of a horse going full pelt through the wooded area. Then, on walking up towards the castle I was pushed from the left towards the fence, just a gentle shove not violent. I also heard what sounded like a battle cry when one of the team was speaking. My daughter felt like someone was holding the back of her coat, and no-one was behind her at all. When we were looking at the arches in the castles I thought I saw a cloaked figure crouching down, then it sat up after a while. That could’ve been a bush though.”


Guest, Rosemary Kirkpatrick, described the presence of a man on horseback:

“He told me his name was Robert and was waiting to get past us all. His horse was draped in a lovely blanket, couldn’t get the colour but there was gold patterns and he was dressed for a fight with something in his hand.”

Commenting on the strange happenings, Team member John Hill said:

“We recognise the potent mix of vivid storytelling and atmospheric locations will raise anticipation and perhaps make our guests a little more susceptible. That said, some of these reports came through before we’d even had a chance to share the stories they connect with. We also recognise that spending time at allegedly haunted locations and bringing historical events to life could act as a trigger.”

Using dramatic locations, the team aim to raise the profile of alternative tourism in Dumfries & Galloway by showcasing the region’s rich tapestry of local history and ghost-lore. Team founder Kathleen Cronie explained:

“Our tours highlight eerie attractions unique to this region e.g. Scotland’s oldest working theatre, most haunted road, the site of Scotland’s last public hangings and in this case, a vampire legend with its origins buried in the 12th century; believer, sceptic or simply a lover of the curious, this is one experience you don’t want to miss!”


  • Contact Info: Mostly Ghostly – [email protected]www.mostlyghostly.org
  • Next Legends and Lore Tour takes place February 2017
  • Photos attached: Castle Loch, Mostly Ghostly Team, Tour Guests
  • Established in 2008, Mostly Ghostly are award-winning creators of a range of ghost and local history tours including; Dumfries Ghost Walk, Haunted Theatre Tour, Haunted Highways Tour and Heroes of the Titanic
  • Dumfries & Galloway People of the Year Awards 2012 & 2014 Tourism Champion

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