Forest Safety Warning Issued Ahead of Storms Dudley & Eunice

Forestry and Land Scotland is asking people across the south Scotland to not venture into forests it manages during storms that are expected later this week.

The Met office has issued an amber warning for Storm Dudley – 18:00 on Wednesday to 09:00 on Thursday – which is expected to bring gusts of up to 90 mph in coastal and upland areas.

Further high winds are expected when Storm Eunice hits on Friday.

Trefor Owen, FLS Director of Land Management, said;

“With our east and south Scotland teams still working on clearing damage from Storm Arwen and Storm Malik, this latest news is hugely unwelcome.
“Once again we are asking members of the public to exercise their common sense and stay away from woodlands during the forecast storms.
“Gusts of 90 mph could result in significant damage especially to woodlands that have already been affected by previous storm events.
“We want everyone to stay safe and not take any risks that might result in injury – or worse – and that will place avoidable demands on the emergency services.”

FLS is also advising that it will take some time to assess the level of any new damage and update forest information on its web pages.

Previously undamaged forests and woodlands may well be affected by Storms Dudley and Eunice.

FLS also anticipated that the new storms will create additional hazards – and complicate clear-up efforts – at woodlands affected by Storm Arwen and Malik.

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