Garden of Gold Blooms at Drumlanrig

A Dumfriesshire Country Estate is supporting the Glow Gold campaign for Childhood Cancer Awareness by transforming a plot of its garden to bloom with gold and yellow flowers.

The project which will see gardens, parks and individual planters across the UK flourishing yellow to raise awareness of the children’s charity.

Work started back in June when the gardeners at Drumlanrig Castle cleared and prepared the beds, and the beautiful gold and yellow buds have started to flourish at the Estate. Visitors can explore the gardens to see the stunning display in front of the Victorian Greenhouse.

The display includes flowers such as rudbeckia, viola penny orange and tiger eyes, dahlia david howard, yellow argyranthemum and thunbergia alata. The garden is made up of nine formal beds with Yew and Holly topiary giving structure to the planting.  The beds include taxus baccata, ilex aquifolium Madam Briot, Ilex aquifolium Argentea Marginata.

Robbie Black, Head Gardener at Drumlanrig Castle and Country Estate, said: “When we were approached by Glow Gold we jumped at the chance to show our support for the charity. Creating a bright and picturesque plot specifically for Childhood Cancer Awareness was a simple gesture we could make that will hopefully raise awareness of this charity’s incredible work.”

Pat Hayes from Glow Gold, said: “Glow Gold September is delighted that Drumlanrig is supporting our awareness campaign.  We need as many iconic landmarks as possible agreeing to help us raise awareness for our children.
“Only through awareness, early diagnosis and kinder treatments can we make a difference to the prognosis of children diagnosed with cancer. A huge thank you to all involved.”

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