Hear More About The Threave Landscape Restoration Project

National Trust for Scotland’s Threave Landscape Restoration Project is a nationally significant proposal seeking to revert 80 hectares of the Kelton Mains farm to a species-rich, restored natural landscape, bringing a whole range of benefits for species and habitats on the site, but also for users of the site, with a new network of paths and access opportunities.

Online event, 7pm on 01 July

Within that improved public access offering, there will be changes to how access takers engage with the site, as well as temporary impacts on use during the implementation period. National Trust for Scotland (NTS) and project partners realise the Kelton Mains site is a valued local resource and want to keep residents and visitors aware of progress during the project’s implementation.

As part of ongoing efforts to consult with all interested parties, an online event is planned for 7pm on 01 July which will focus on the practical implementation of the work and set out best channels of communication and how to keep in touch with the project team.

All are welcome, and a free place can be booked here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/threave-landscape-restoration-project-july-public-consultation-event-tickets-155948312601.


This July event builds on a project introductory session which gave an overview of the broader project, recorded and now available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayewR62XTfE.


Looking ahead to the event on 01 July, Sam Gallacher, National Trust for Scotland Operations Manager at Threave, said:

“A hugely important aspect of this project is how we engage with our local communities. Threave Landscape Restoration Project is an ambitious investment programme, supported by the Galloway Glens Scheme, to improve the habitats and biodiversity of this popular site at Kelton Mains, on Threave Estate near Castle Douglas. We want to make sure our local supporters and visitors can influence how we realise our vision. This project will be an asset to our local environment and the strength and viability of Threave as a leading tourist destination – something that I hope will be supported by the whole community as a positive legacy for our own future and for generations to come.”


The Galloway Glens Scheme will be assisting with the event on 01 July. Project Officer Nick Chisholm added:

“This is a super ambitious project that’s taking a different look at biodiversity. The landscape will be allowed to restore itself by removing the hand of humans as much as possible and allowing natural systems to thrive.
Earlier in June we held an online introductory event which gave an overview of the project, but this consultation event on 01 July is quite different. The aim of this will be to highlight local elements of the project in more detail and actively seek input and comment from people with an interest in the site. We will have dedicated time for questions, and we will be outlining how people can get involved. I hope to see you there!”

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